school cybersecurity - middle school students with class ipads

Why Cybersecurity Should Be a Priority for Schools

Damages from cybercrime are expected to cost $6 trillion in 2022. That’s more than double the estimated cost in 2015! While we usually hear about ransomware attacks on corporations or government offices, the education sector isn’t out of reach of … Continued

IT glossary of common technology terms

IT Glossary: A Guide to Common IT Terms

Jargon is a fact of life in the IT industry, and the deeper you delve into the technicalities of technology, the more you’ll encounter. The thought of keeping up with an ever-evolving industry may seem intimidating. Still, if you hope … Continued

IT company serving Florida schools and universities - smiling kids in classroom

How to Choose an IT Company for Your School or University

Educational institutions, such as schools and universities, have very different IT needs compared to other types of businesses. With most IT companies marketing themselves toward a wide rage of busineses, it can be difficult for school and university administrators to … Continued