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Network Security and Business Continuity

Cybersecurity is one aspect of IT that no company can afford to overlook.

  • 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses, proving that no organization is exempt from risk.
  • The average data breach costs a company $3.92 million, according to Ponemon Institute. However, even accounting for the fewer assets of smaller companies, studies have shown an average loss of over $200,000 for companies of all sizes.
  • Studies suggest that 60% of small businesses that fall prey to a cyberattack will go out of business within six months.

Despite these risks, your company can lessen the chances of falling prey to cyberattacks by having a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place. Let ITS Group help you protect your business with our dedicated network security and backup systems.

staff sits around table while being trained on cybersecurity weakness by an african american woman

What We Offer

  • Proactive protection and network monitoring to guard against potential threats.
  • Secure, comprehensive backup systems to protect against data loss.
  • Employee training so your workers become assets to your cybersecurity instead of falling prey to phishing attacks or other human errors.
  • Assessments of your hardware and software to help you get the most secure solutions in place, including hardware RAID, aggressive antivirus protection, and more.
staff sits around table while being trained on cybersecurity weakness by an african american woman

What Do You Gain from ITS Group’s Network Security?

Proactive Prevention

By the time you’ve suffered a data breach, it’s already too late to stop the costs from piling up and the damage from being done to your company. Network protection must be pre-emptive. That’s why we give you constant, proactive monitoring and support.

The Benefit of Backups

Why do you need backups if the goal is to prevent data breaches before they happen? Data loss can stem not only from system breaches, but also from natural disasters that damage buildings and property where servers are stored, stolen or damaged equipment, and a range of other threats. Backing up your data securely and completely offers an extremely effective safeguard against data loss, and there’s no downside to backing up your essential data.

Business Continuity

No one can see the future. But you can prepare for a variety of the most common catastrophes that could affect your business when you have a business continuity plan in place. Prepare your processes and systems against future disasters by putting the right technology in place now.

Customer Trust

Customers trust businesses with sensitive information every time they make a purchase or log into an account. If you suffer a data breach, you face not only heavy financial losses, but also irreversible reputational damage. On the other hand, when your systems are safe, you retain your customers’ trust and prove it’s well-placed.

Peace of Mind

When you entrust your cybersecurity to ITS Group, you can be assured that we’ll take care of your company as if it were an extension of our own. We take your network reliability seriously, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your security rests in the hands of an experienced, reliable IT company.

Work with ITS Group to Update Your Network Security

Viruses, malware, and network slowdowns can cause hours or days of lost productivity. But with network protection from ITS Group, you have a guarantee of decreased risks and increased uptime.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your technology and for cost-effective technology solutions to boost your network security!

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