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Scalable & Reliable Tech for Respected Florida Nonprofit

Disover how we designed and implemented a scalable and reliable technology infastructure for a well-known Florida nonprofit and helped them leverage the best that technology has to offer so they can deliver on their mission day after day.

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How Your Nonprofit Can Leverage Technology To Help Achieve Its Mission

If you’re not a technology-centric nonprofit organization, then you may not know all of the possibilities that are available. The right technology choices can make it much easier to complete projects, bring more people onboard and drive larger donations. Here … Continued

Cyber Security for Educational Institutions: Protecting Students’ Private Data

The education sector is a prime target for cybercriminals: in the first half of 2017, 13% of all data breaches came from educational institutions, more than 32 million records in total. Large student bodies provide huge volumes of personally identifiable … Continued

How to Choose an IT Company for Your School or University

Educational institutions, such as schools and universities, have very different IT needs compared to other types of businesses. With most IT companies marketing themselves toward a wide rage of busineses, it can be difficult for school and university administrators to … Continued

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