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Remote Asisstance Terms and Conditions


Client authorizes ITS Group, Inc., its employees, and agents to:

  • Share remote control of Client’s equipment, including the ability to transfer files, alter system configuration and any and all other operations possible through remote or physical access
  • Obtain and transport media/equipment/data to and from Client’s facilities
  • Use any and all means required to recover data from the media/equipment
  • Use any and all means required to resolve issues or problems as reported by the Client
Legal Rights

Client is the legal owner or has legitimate rights to the media/equipment and all data/software contained therein.

Limited Liability

Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify ITS Group, Inc. from any liability for direct or indirect damages, including loss of data and loss of revenue. ITS Group, Inc. will not be responsible for any data loss resulting from any of our services, either directly or indirectly, intentional or as an unintentional consequence of our services. Viruses or spyware may have already damaged or deleted data, and cannot be removed without deletion of certain files. Once any data has been deleted from the computer system the data should be considered completely unrecoverable by any means. It is assumed the customer and owner of the computer system has backed up or removed important or proprietary data prior to the start of the upgrade or repair process. Backups should be stored in a location other than the computer being repaired or upgraded.


ITS Group, Inc. will not release or divulge Client information or data files to any third party without the express consent of the Client or as required under law. Data (if possession thereof is taken by ITS Group, Inc.) will not be retained by ITS beyond 14 days.