Infrastructure Service for Businesses in Florida

Proper network infrastructure has a significant long-term impact on a company’s IT performance. Without reliable equipment and good cable management, a network may suffer from interference, poor airflow, damaged cabling, performance issues, and difficulty scaling.

ITS Group’s Infrastructure Services division brings many benefits to companies needing to optimize their IT infrastructure. The network administrators have an easier time troubleshooting downtime and other problems, as they can quickly isolate affected cables and access data racks without difficulty. Overall power consumption for the data center goes down due to better airflow and cooling efficiency.

End-to-End Network Cabling Services

We offer complete network infrastructure system design, installation, maintenance and testing. Our focus is on addressing the client’s immediate needs, such as improving air flow in a server room or making it easier for the in-house IT team to maintain the IT infrastructure.

Once the short-term problems are resolved, we turn our attention to creating a network cabling system that offers headroom for the growth and scalability of the system. By proactively accounting for the company’s future growth, we help our clients keep up with the demands of their industries and embrace the latest innovations.

Skilled Technicians

Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in network infrastructure. They provide clean, professional installation and cable management services in a variety of environments. The attention to detail and adherence to a cohesive cabling design eliminates the problems caused by poor cable management practices or a lack of forward planning.

We minimize potential network disruptions during this process to avoid downtime getting in the way of critical projects. The system is thoroughly tested following cabling installation and ongoing maintenance services keep everything in good working order moving forward.

The types of cable that we work with include Ethernet (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e and Cat7, along with fiber optic. We also handle network switches and data rack installation.

A reliable infrastructure is the foundation of a company’s IT system. We set up businesses up for success with thorough planning, detail-oriented implementation and long-term maintenance.

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