It today’s world, all businesses rely on various kinds of technology to maintain and use data in some very crucial ways. Needless to say, data is always exposed to certain vulnerabilities whether through external attacks by hackers or simple mistake by employees that can create huge security gaps. This is why all organizations should consider routine security implementation and training a necessary cost associated with operating and remaining functional.

How Sarasota Businesses Can Increase Their Cyber Security Today - ITS Group - MSP Company - IT ServicesThe cost of poor security

A major security breach can be costly and even totally destroy a business in severe situations. Cyber attacks on American businesses can take an average of 46 days to resolve and cost a total of over $900,000. There are also secondary costs to a company’s reputation when news of data breaches and leaks are publicized. Customers will be less willing to share information or do business with a company that has a history of security issues due to lost confidence.

These large losses indicate that preventive security measures and employee training are always a worthy investment, considering the massive scale of problems caused by breaches. The cost of repairing one data breach is greater than several years of security services that can prevent such problems from ever occurring.

Easy policies that increase cyber security

Many breaches could be prevented by some simple actions that help greatly improve network security. Unfortunately, most businesses still have not implemented even the simplest of protective measures. There are some alarming statistics associated with this lack of security. Only 31% of small businesses are taking any kind of measures at all to protect against breaches, and just 22% want to improve their security year to year. Some of these smaller businesses are especially vulnerable, as their inability to absorb the significant losses associated with security problems often causes them to go out of business within six months of a major security issue.

Some simple-to-implement security measures include:

  • Regular password changes
  • A company policy that requires passwords to be changed regularly and contain a high degree of complexity
  • Deletion of accounts that are inactive or no longer used for any legitimate purpose
  • A two factor authentication process
  • Installation of all relevant software updates
  • Training employees to be able to recognize, avoid, and report phishing attempts and related attacks

What are the benefits of having a professional security team available?

There are several reasons that acquiring the support of an information technology security company will be an important strategic move:

  • You can work directly with a team of industry experts for guidance and education
  • You will have access to a number of tools and resources to help keep your operations secure
  • Networks and infrastructure are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and support is always available when issues arise

Hiring an outside company like ITS Group to handle all of these issues also tends to cost less than hiring a single full time security professional as an employee. There is also the added benefit of having the combined efforts of an entire team on your side, rather than one person who cannot be in the office and working non-stop. Also keep in mind that certain businesses are regulated regarding how they can store and use various kinds of sensitive information. It is important to have security experts help you keep these sources of information in compliance with relevant standards to avoid issues at a later time.

Don’t risk the future of your company. Hire ITS Group’s team of cyber security experts and you’ll not only get a reliable team in your corner, you’ll also get the tools and experience that these professionals bring with them. Get a Free Assessment today.

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