remote desktop security

How Attackers Enter Remote Desktops & How to Get Safe

Every day, cybercriminals gain access to personal information and corporate data by hacking into networks. One method they use is Remote Desktop Protocol (or RDP). What is Remote Desktop Protocol? Remote Desktop Protocol is a service that allows users to … Continued

firewall security

What Benefits Could a Firewall Offer Your Business?

Digitization is the future of business, but it doesn’t come without security risks. A recent report shows there were 15.1 billion records exposed in 2019 as part of data breaches. Network security vulnerabilities are the weakest link to your company’s … Continued

IT services that can improve businesses

5 IT Services That Can Boost Your Business

With technology always evolving, businesses need to invest in solid IT infrastructure to streamline operations, enhance security, reduce costs, and increase productivity. One way businesses can achieve this goal is by partnering with a professional managed services provider (MSP). An … Continued

ransomware attacks Florida businesses

What Florida Businesses Need to Know About Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise over the last few years. Businesses and government institutions in Florida have been prime targets of ransomware cyberattacks, with a Florida School District being the most recent case. A criminal gang compromised the … Continued

why cybersecurity experts hate TeamViewer for Florida businesses

Why Cybersecurity Experts Hate TeamViewer

Recently, a Florida water treatment plant was hacked. The hacker tried to increase the water supply’s sodium hydroxide levels to poison the water supply and any Oldsmar citizens who drank or used the water. The hacker was able to gain … Continued

impact of a data breach on Florida businesses - two people work on laptops and paper at table

The Devastating Impact of a Data Breach

Cybercrime is on the rise, with the World Economic Forum listing cyberattacks as a top global risk in terms of both likelihood and impact.  A data breach constitutes any security incident relating to your business data. This could be regarding … Continued

cloud solutions enable remote workers - woman works on laptop with yellow headphones on

Boosting Productivity with the Cloud

Cloud computing brings many benefits to businesses. These benefits could include less hardware storage, fewer purchasing costs, and lower maintenance costs as more aspects of business life go digital.  Working with the cloud can generate money for your business, and … Continued

benefits of an MSP - two people talk in server room

The Benefits of an MSP

For many organizations that lack an IT department, a managed services provider (MSP) partnership is a necessity. MSPs help to provide the IT services a business desperately needs to stay competitive and to improve productivity and efficiency of daily operations. … Continued

a hook stabs through a credit card on top of a keyboard, symbolizing a phishing attack

How to Steer Clear of COVID-19 Phishing Attacks

Cyber attacks and COVID-19-related scams have skyrocketed over the past several weeks. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of both the public’s pandemic-related fears and the flood of businesses transitioning to remote workforces. A recent survey shared that more than a … Continued